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YARD  GAMES - Skipping & Chanting Rhymes

An area of great concern to teachers and frequently a basis for staff-room discussion, is that of children all on their own in the playground saying “I have no-one to play with”.  Parents also have similar concerns.

Education is all about each child fulfilling his or her potential in a wide range of areas, and not only the academic subjects. Information continually emerges about the influences of areas like children’s motivation and children’s self-esteem on learning.

Studies have shown that "traditional street or yard games" can contribute to the social and emotional well-being of pupils through it’s resources on teaching children how to play. It is based on the belief that properly organized playground games not only teach children the social, linguistic and procedural skills of game-play, but also encourage flexible social grouping and communication based on principles of Inclusiveness, Sharing, Fair-play and Fun.

Children in the Sacred Heart N.S. have access to "yard games" equipment every fine day and the front of the school is marked out with specific areas for skipping games and various types of hopscotch.

Despite considerable time and effort is compiling this page, such is the belief of  the Sacred Heart NS community in the value of the games / activities for children, that there are no "right click" restrictions on the page.



Ladder Hopscotch

Toss Your beanbag into the first square. Hop over this square into the second square, pick it up and hop out. Toss the beanbag into the second square. Hop into the first square and then second square, pick up the beanbag, and hop into square one and out. Continue up and down but in spaces 4, 5, 7, 8, and 9 land with both feet on the ground at the same time. These are called half-moon spaces.


Traditional Hopscotch

Stand outside square 1 and throw the puck into it. Hop over square 1 and through the rest of the squares and back to square 1, pick up the puck and hop out again. Two feet go in squares 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9. On your second turn, toss the puck into square 2 and hop into each square again. As always, when you throw the puck into one of the double squares, don't hop into that space but pick up the puck as you hop back out of the pattern. If you miss a square when tossing, you must start again from the beginning. The first person to toss the puck and hop in and out successfully wins. (Note: you don't hop into a square containing the puck)


Texan Hopscotch

Throw the puck into square 1 and jump into square 1, and then 2 and 3 with one foot in each. Hop into 4, 5, 6 and 7 one foot in each. Hop into 8 and 9, one foot in each. Hop one foot in 10 and turn around and back again. Continue to hop back to the puck, pick it up and hop out. Throw the puck into each square and hop through to pick it back up. You lose a turn if your puck misses a square. The first player to complete all ten throws without a miss wins.


Snail Hopscotch

Toss the beanbag into the first space, hop in and pick it up and hop out. Toss the beanbag into space 2, pick it up and hop into space 1 and then hop out. Continue until you reach the last space. Land with both feet in the center of the snail pattern and then begin again, working your way from the last space to the first.

 Skipping Chants

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, read the news.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, tie your shoes.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn out the light.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say "Goodnight!"

I'm a little bumper car,
Number twenty eight,
I took it round the corner,
The policeman saw me, took me to jail,
How many years should I spend in jail?
One, two, three(On the word corner, the child runs out and back into the skipping. At the end they skip for as long as they can, counting up).


I am a little Dutch girl dressed in blue.
Here are the things I like to do:
Salute to the captain, bow to the queen
Turn my back on the submarine.
I can do the tap dance, I can do the splits.
I can disappear too just like this. (runs out)


One two buckle your shoe
Three four shut the door
Five six pick up sticks
Seven eight lay them straight
Nine ten this is the end.

Little Orphan Annie hops on one foot.
Little Orphan Annie hops on two feet.
Little Orphan Annie hops on three feet.
(bend down and touch the floor)
Little Orphan Annie hops on four feet.
(touch floor with both hands)
Little Orphan Annie hops out!

Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around
Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, show your shoe.
Teddy bear, teddy, bear, that will do.
Teddy bear, teddy bear, go upstairs
Teddy bear, teddy bear, say your prayers
Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn out the light
Teddy bear, teddy, bear, say goodnight.

Mabel, Mabel, set the table,
Just as fast as you are able!
Put on plates, forks, salt...(etc.)
And don't forget the 
(Rope turners go as fast a possible!)

"School, School the golden rule, spell your name and go to school"

Person spells name and then runs out without touching rope.


Cinderella, dressed in yella,

went downtown to meet a fella

on the way her girdle busted,

How many people were disgusted?

10, 20, 30, 40, 50...

Until someone misses.


I had a little puppy, 
His name was Tiny Tim, 
I put him in the bathtub, to see if he could swim, 
He drank all the water, he ate a bar of soap, 
The next thing you know he had a bubble in his throat. 
In came the doctor, (person jumps in) 
In came the nurse, (person jumps in) 
In came the lady with the alligator purse (person jumps in) 
Out went the doctor (person jumps out)
Out went the nurse (person jumps out)
Out went the lady with the alligator purse (person jumps out).

Sausage in the pan, sausage in the pan
Turn around, turn around, Sausage in the pan.

Two little sausages frying in the pan.
(two people skip together)
One went POP and the other went BANG!
(one jumps out one side, the other player on the other side)


Jumper calls in a friend, by name  

the first one who misses must spin the rope.


I love coffee, I love tea.
I want (name) to come in with me.

 Rooms for rent, inquire within,
As I move out, let (name) come in.


California oranges, fifty cents a pack.
Come on (name) and tap me on the back.
(one comes in and the other jumps out)

Every morning at eight o’clock.
You can hear the postman’s knock.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - there goes (name) out the door.
(person named jumps out, next in line comes in)

Johnny gave me apples,
Johnny gave me pears.
Johnny gave me fifty cents
to kiss him on the stairs.
I gave him back his apples,
I gave him back his pears.
I gave him back his fifty cents
and kicked him down the stairs.

 (you can substitute names)

Salome was a dancer.
She danced before the king.
Everytime she danced
She wiggled everything. (wiggle body)
"Stop", said the king (hold out hands in front)
"You can't do that in here."
(Nod head and shake finger)
Salome said "Baloney"
And kicked the chandelier. (kick out foot)

Spanish dancer do the splits, splits, splits.
Spanish dancer do the kicks, kicks, kicks.
Spanish dancer turn around, 'round, 'round.
Spanish dancer jump up and down, down, down.
Spanish dancer get out of town. (run out)

I go shopping with my friends
How much do I spend? 1p, 2p, 3p...

I can bake a chocolate cake
How many minutes will it take?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...

Oh no, here comes Miss Blackwell

with her big black stick

Now its time for arithmetic

One plus one is?

(jumper responds) Two

Two plus two is?

(jumper responds) Four

Four plus four is?

(jumper responds) Eight

Eight plus eight is?

(jumper responds) Sixteen

Nows its time for spelling

Spell cat.

(jumper responds) C-A-T

Spell dog.

(jumper responds) D-O-G

Spell hot.

(jumper responds) H-O-T

 (when the jumper finishes spelling HOT swing the rope as fast as possible till they mess up.)


Cinderella, dressed in yellow,

went upstairs to kiss a 'fella

made a mistake,  and kissed a snake

how many doctors did it take?

[count until someone messes up]


Had a little bumper car, 
Number 48, 
Went around the corner 
(the skipping child jumps out and runs around the twirler and run back in the rope. Keep saying '
corner' until the skipper jumps back in) 
And slams on the brakes. 
Policeman came and put me in jail.

Benjamin Franklin went to France
To teach the ladies how to dance.
First the heel, then the toe,
Spin around and out you go !

Jelly in the bowl, jelly in the bowl.
Wiggle, waggle, wiggle, waggle,
Jelly in the bowl.

One one eat a plum
Two two touch your shoe
Three three bend your knee
Four four touch the floor
Five five reach for the sky
Six six pick up sticks
Seven seven pray to heaven
Eight eight slam the gate
Nine nine you're doing fine
Ten ten this is the end
One two buckle your shoe
Three four shut the door
Five six pick up sticks
Seven eight lay them straight
Nine ten this is the end.


Two little dickie birds sittin' on the wall
(the two players jump in) 
One named Peter, one named Paul 
(each player waves at their name) 
Fly away, Peter, fly away, Paul 
(the player exits the rope as name is called) 
Don't you come back 'till your birthday's called 
January, February - - -December 
(player returns when their month is called) 
Now fly away, fly away, fly away all 
(players both exit the rope)





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